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               Shanghai Sino Import & Export co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as SINO), sub-ordinate to the Shanghai Foreign Economic and Trade Commission, which was certified by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Co-operation of China, is a specialized foreign trade company engaged in import & export business, shipping service and industry.
               SINO has already established good business relationships with customers from    Japan,theU.S.A,Singapore,Australia,Newzealand,Germany,Canada,SouthAfrica,Zambia,Zaire and Hong Kong as a result of its excellent quality goods, courteous services and flexible way of trading. SINO manages independent and representative import and export business of light industry products, mechanical and electrical products, acupuncture appliance, bloodcare,wooden furniture,textile, chinaware, chemical products,printing material, and original material,etc. as well as accepting consignments and agencies of the Import & Export business. SINO also undertakes cooperative production, processing with provided materials and samples, assembling with supplied components, compensation trade, entrepot trade, barter trade , consignment trade, etc.
              It has also established business relationship with over 100 manufacturers all over China and passed the certification of ISO9002 quality system in 1998. As the member of SFETC, We promise that we would actively participate in the strategic adjustment of the national economy with our own efforts to form hi-tech, efficient and growing industrial structure and dedicate to provide quality products and excellent service to customers abroad. Supreme quality and best service is our promise.
               SINO has got “A”CREDIT GRADE and Financial Report in all its banks and good score in the the Custom. The economic benefit indicator such as core business proceeds, gross profit, gross export and import and currency earned by export, all reached their highest levels in since 2002 the establishment of the Company. And generally the economic operation featured as follows:
               *Gross profit and net profit of the Company have increased greatly; the profit-earning capability and quality of economic operation have been improved continuously, thus the growth of production, proceeds and profit has been kept in step with one another.

            Import trade course
               contract signing- documents drawing and changing- customs clearance data input- tri-inspection

            - product inspection (stipulated products) - customs examining (spot examining , non-routine) -
            customs house release and issue customs duties- duties paying - customs house electron release -
            cargo delivery
               The above course shall be finished within 2 working days when documents are complete.

            Export trade course
               contract signing- payment term as signed contract-shipping documents arranging-vessel booking-cargo inspection(documents exchanging, lawful inspection cargo)-custom declaring-custom inspection(non-lawful, random inspection)-B/L checking-negotiation documents arranging-negotiation- invoice checking

            Shipping course

              By virtue of long-term cooperation with many shipping line and airline, we offer up-to-date freight and also in-land transportation services by using our cooperation with several domestic transporting firms. We are offering reasonable prices and delivery. We handle bulk cargo, LCL, FCL and dangerous cargo sea transportation, various cargo air transportation, various express despatch and in-land big-size equipment transportation and road transportation.
               WE OPERATE ABOVE-MENTIONED COURSES COMPLETELY BY OURSELVES so that we could provide our customers with valid and safe shipping schedule to avoid delivery violation. We supply superior overseas shipping agents to avoid overcharge or disturbance of releasing cargo at discharging port, and therefore avoid trade loss or consignee's complaints. We offer safe and express in-land transportation to avoid damage of cargo or financial lossed caused by delay.
               In this new century, the world trade has been getting closer day by day. Advanced technology provides all merchants a boundless stage. With China’s joining in WTO, with the West Development, China opens her market up worldwide, and at the same time, provides more chances for Chinese merchants. SINO will continue its tradition as well as meeting the demands of the new century, and would like to cooperate with YOU.

            Pls contact us
               ROOM 2003 NO.1 LANE 737 CAO XI ROAD (N.) SHANGHAI CHINA
               TEL:021-54255943 34241593-802 34246593-802 FAX:021-34241593-808 021-54258797
               ATTN: GRACE SHAW